Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sign Up to Save Sven

If you haven't seen this "Save our Sven" petition already, you might want to add your support.

Hopefully it's not just City fans who will sign, but also all football fans, irrespective of their club loyalties who will have been saddened by the rough treatment being handed out to Sven and will want to register their views about the almost certain departure from the Premiership of a fine manager and a genuinely nice guy.

Sven deserves better than this !


alphieblues said...

We need to get this Petition publicised as wide as possible. Anyone any ideas on how to get it on U-Tube ???

Wigan Blue said...

Signed it - but the expression "chocolate fireguard" springs to mind. Anyome else get the impression that we're in a far, far worse situation than the scum under the Glazers? This guy isn't going to listen. But we'll have Singha beer on offer (if it doesn't run out as it did during the last 3 home matches), and if you like Singha beer. And we'll probably get some twat winning a car while we're wanting to see the team. I felt sorry for the Fulham fans during the first half on Saturday, because they WERE there when they were shite. Didn't expect the Fulham fans to be feeling sorry for us now that we're an advertising outlet. Sad days for a proud set of supporters.

Anonymous said...

Post your comments at the World News section of the Bangkok Post on

Wigan Blue said...

The crucial thing is that we never want to go back to the days of mediocre managers (Kevin Keegan selling The Goat and The Chop because they weren't conventional - we've heard today that he never expects to do anything).

I don't think Sven's going to come back from the Far East tour as manager. Are we supposed to welcome Scolari with open arms? Are the prawn sandwich brigade going to continue to fly unprecedented flags from the first floor of the Kip, are the bar staff going to die and be replaced by intelligent human beings?

Don't think so.

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