Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bluesology Update

In response to the many requests I've had (both of them, and one of them was from my Mum) to post some articles, I would just like to apologise for the relative inactivity in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, I have a day job and at the moment am struggling to find enough time to spend with my family, let alone write articles.

I will be posting sometime soon though and will keep this Blog going..... things at City are almost getting sufficiently depressing at Eastlands to drive me back into action, so I could be back sooner rather than later.

Keep the faith !


Mum said...

Come back soon ..... we miss you

alphieblues said...

After the performances over the last few weeks there is certainly plenty to write about.

1. Will Sven change the system

2. When will he give Ireland a rest

3. What has happened to Castillo

4. Is Benjani worth the money

5. When will Sturridge get a run.

.....and so on and so on....

Wigan Blue said...

Know how you feel.

'3 Wheels on my wagon'

Mum: "Get back in the wagon, woman"


1. No
2. Don't mind Stevie, but just wish he'd given Geo more chances
3. Supposed to be the comeback kid now, but will we pay the full fee come May?
4. Might be if we can get a flying right winger who can get to the byline every time.
5. When Autumn leaves start to fall
... And so on ... Where the hell is Boj? ....

alphieblues said...

Wigan Blue...The Castillo fee doesn't become payable until January. I would sell Benji at the end of the season as I expect to see the Boj on the bench next weekend. Sturridge on the bench today !!!

Wigan Blue said...

Just as an aside - anyone here go on the Bitter & Blue website?

I used to be a regular contributor, but they seem to have sold themselves to the advertising devil (Cheap Man United shirts yesterday), and it takes so long to load that in fact it doesn't.

If anyone has their phone number, you might tell them they're pissing people off....