Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time To Resume Normal Service

It's been a strange couple of weeks.

All the rubbish media hype about the inevitable disruption to the minute's silence by loutish City fans never materialised, much to the disgust of the gutter press who I'm sure already had articles penned in advance about what a load of low-life scum all us City fans are..... well, we're not, but we knew that anyway, and now that whole world knows it as well.

I've got to say I felt a bit more emotional about it during the event than I thought I would. For me, the lingering shot of Bobby Charlton's face captured the moment with his obvious pain, and from what he's said about it himself, lingering guilt about how he survived yet others around him didn't. It's clear that the passing of half a century has done little to heal any of his emotional scars judging by the sadness etched in his face - it was very moving indeed.

Anyway, going back to the strangeness thing. First of all doing the double over United is pretty strange enough - I'd just entered my teenage years the last time it happened and had almost forgotten what it was like. I hope I won't be drawing my pension before the next time it happens!

Then there has also been this recognition in the ranks of some United fans that City played well and actually deserved to win, with absolutely no suggestion that the referee had cost them the game; dare I say it, but we heard grudging admiration of what City achieved on Sunday.... and rightly so.

I don't know, all this appreciation from United makes one feel slightly uncomfortable; it's not something we're used to. I must admit it was nice to see our lads being applauded down at the Stretford End after the game - that must be a first !

Now that it's all thankfully over I'm just looking forward to getting back to normal service with the re-instatement of that peculiar Mancunian rivalry in all its incisively brutal cruelty yet at the same time affectionately humorous splendour - long may it continue !

Finally, for those of you who haven't seen this explanation of United's performance, click here ..... it's a classic !


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I won't ever get tired reading about this unique outcome of this derby. Keep on posting and long may it continue.


Markus Sweden

alphieblues said...

The link to the reason for United's demise is the best one yet.

I see the Official Rag magazine 'The Mirror' are obviously sick of all the good things that have been said about our Club these last few days and are now trying to stir things again by saying that Dunny will buy himself out of his contract at the end of the season. Isn't it pathetic they haven't got anything else to write about.

Wigan Blue said...

38 years since a double (I missed that one too - I was at sea). Yes, you're right. We do have the most amazing relationship with the reds. In our own pubs we get on fine with them but give each other shit all night. Collectively, we hate each others guts, and that works fine too. None of us would have it any other way. But you couldn't explain that to an American or a Thailander.

Appreciated what you said about Bobby Charlton. Don't know any City fans who didn't respect him as a player. Tony Dunne was another. And we all had great fun with the rivalry between Matt Busby and Joe Mercer.

OK - we can put the white flags down now, and get back to business as usual. Ready - Aim - Fire!!

BlueBoyBen said...

The Mirror are spot on in saying that Dunnie would want to leave.

He's the club captain, has been player of the year for God knows how long now, has got the best manager he's played under for years, has seen a massive injection of money into the club and is on the brink of European football with City.
Why would he want to stay???

Email your answers to

alphieblues said...

Well I am off to Oxford in the morning to spend a couple of days amongst the dreamy spires. Whilst there dreaming I am sure I will be able to come up with a reason for why Dunny should leave !!!

Bluesology said...


The reason will, if Dunny does go, be money... simple as !

Markus in Sweden ... thanks for your kind words

alphieblues said...

Do you mean he will take a pay cut to go !!!

Bluesology said...

No... I mean those leeching agents will get involved and eventually the player will become so unsettled that anything could happen.

Hopefully Dunny will be sensible enough to realise that he's best off where he is and could finish his career with legendary City status