Thursday, January 10, 2008

City Nearly Ticking All The Right Premiership Boxes !

This was passed to me recently and is a letter from a City fan sent into a newspaper.

I'm beginning to understand it all now.

...and he's quite right, we are almost there ;-)

Apologies about the image quality, but if you can't make it out, here's a translation:-

As a Manchester City fan, I finally understand what a club needs to thrive in the Premier League:

  • A billionaire owner
  • A foreign manager on a 5 year contract (or 3 English managers per season)
  • A new sponsored stadium
  • Season ticket prices at a minimum of £700
  • Two foreign goalkeepers
  • Two players (preferably strikers) whose names end in " i " or " o "
  • At least four players who wear gloves in all games from October to March
  • Two or three squad members who qualify for the England, Wales of Scotland U-21s (for Carling Cup duty only), and finally...
  • As a ready made excuse for not making the top four, at least four players who will be away on duty for the African Cup of Nations
We are getting there !